How to Get More Clicks on Your Site via Organic Search?


Getting better visibility in the online world via Google is being practiced ever since the birth of this search engine. In the beginning, organic search had a monopoly in online marketing. But with evolution of Internet, world of online marketing proliferated and as a result, we have paid marketing techniques too. Now there’s an ongoing debate between paid marketing techniques and organic search.

The Number Game

Over time, a notion has developed among people that paid searches convert more than organic searches. For such people, here are some stats that come right from a report published by MarketLive.

  • Bounce rate for organic search is 35% while in paid search it is 34%.
  • Percentage of new visits for paid search is 58 while it is 66 for SEO.
  • The conversion rate in paid searches is 2.6% while in organic search it is 1.9%.

If you’ve paid attention to numbers, then you should have noticed that there’s only marginal difference between paid and organic searches. So, all those people who cannot go for paid searches because of low budget need not to worry. Your website can well thrive with organic search given you know how to make it work. Given below are few but extremely useful tips that will enable you to make the best of organic searches and get more clicks on your site.

1) Play with Keywords

Organic or paid, search techniques thrive on keywords. The best part about SEO is that it gives you the freedom to experiment with keywords. Avoid stuffing though. Google has already made clear that stuffing site content with keywords isn’t the key to top results. But at the same time, you can keep experimenting with new ones and that’s the beauty of organic search. Doing so in paid techniques can cost you an arm and a leg. Well then, why to go for it when you get the freedom to choose high impact keywords that too free of cost?

2) Good Blog is Key to Brand Building

And anyone who knows the value of right information will agree to it. Time and again, it has been proven that a good blog can give you the right push. You can actually build a brand image via your company’s blog. Maintaining a good blog with informative posts and fresh content will give you faithful readers and loyal followers. So, when you actually start speaking to your customers via your official site, they will listen to you because they know that you won’t speak non-sense. However, while posting content, ensure that you aren’t writing something that has already been told n number of times by your competitors. Try to come up with fresh ideas and yes, pay heed to the language because it does matter.

3) Go Multimedia

Why aren’t you on YouTube? Why haven’t you tried out interesting audio clips? Perhaps, you have never watched Google’s promo videos. If it is actually so, then try watching one or two. You’ll find yourself glued to them. Probably, you won’t find much talking in the videos, but the message Google wants to convey becomes quite clear to viewers.

The bottom line is that going multimedia can help in quality link building and quality link building can lead to better results in Google. So go multimedia and start reaping its benefits.

4) Don’t Forget Title and Meta Tags

For a search engine, title and meta-tags act as traffic guides. No matter how many strong keywords you select, without optimizing these features, SEO is fruitless. A point to notice here is that if you are new to online marketing, then hiring experts would be a good choice. Obviously, it will require investment but if it gives results, the price is worth it.

Moreover, online marketers know the rules better than you do. Let’s make a comparison.

  • Paid techniques + hiring experts – leads to more cost and is more risky
  • Organic search + hiring experts – just need to pay experts and you can take risks

So, you have the numbers, you have the tips and you have a fair idea of investment too. All you need to do is find the right people and you’re ready to go online.

If you’ve any query regarding organic SEO or search engine, feel free to share it with us.

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