Transformation of a Business in the Digital Marketing Age

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Twenty years ago, newly started businesses would put ads in the local paper and would use their local networks to attract their customers. But today, all of that has changed with the inception of internet in this digital marketing era. A business is no longer dependent on its local customer for its survival, as now the internet has not only changed a business’s customer base but also helps it to communicate with its employees and manage them.  Along with Internet, we have another powerful tool called social media marketing. Both are powerful, trustworthy and have become very popular over the years with business owners and marketers as these things improved the value of businesses through the world of promotion. These factors are nothing but a way to promote and market through forums like Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and many others. These forums then attract audiences and seek more traffic.

How Internet has impacted businesses?

interent imapact business

  • Communication:

The internet makes communication really fast and cost effective. Many of the technologies have come up like video calls, emails and video conferencing to make instant communication.

  • Growth:

The internet plays a major role in the growth of any business. Promoting through internet can help in increasing sales and reach its desired growth.

  • Marketing:

Most businesses are just taking the advantage of internet to market their product and services to the people including search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc…

  • Online Shopping Mode:

Another role of internet in business is the birth of eCommerce websites that allow people to shop online from any location.

Some Reasons how social media marketing can improve your business:

  • Social Networking sites:

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook get millions of new member’s everyday and also many internet users visiting the sites daily. By placing an advertisement on any of these sites, can increase customers for your online business.


  • Search Engine Ranking:

The more your search comes on the first page in the search engine, larger the traffic will be directed to your online site. If the ranking is done in the proper way, then it also brings a large amount of back links which in turn impacts your search engine ranking.


  • Cost Effective:

It is comparatively less costly than any other advertising mode like ads on newspapers, radio etc…Impact of social media marketing remains for a longer time and is more effective.

  • Gain Attention:

Always keep the goal in mind to get the attention of your targeted customers in the shortest time. Apart from this, we have to work on getting their attention away from the competitors too.

Thus, both Internet and Social media marketing have played major roles in converting local and small businesses to online business today. They have now become one of the important marketing tools that have also dramatically changed the structure of markets all over the world.


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