Mobile App Marketing is the latest way of promoting brands the smarter way. Mobile apps are used by each and every common man these days for their day to day activities like managing business, contacting customers, contacting to the clients, calculating calories, listening to music, gaming and lots more. Creating a mobile app is a real tough task, but in today's scenario app developers are finding it difficult to market their apps to their target audience.

Mobile App Marketing Services at SearchMantra


SearchMantra is a digital marketing agency that specializes in mobile app marketing services. With the help of SearchMantra’s host of tested strategies for app marketing, you can create a concrete branding for your mobile app. We make sure that your application would find its way to the genuine users whether it is through Apple's App Store or Android's Play Store. Associating with us will give you the expected results within a short span of time.

The design and video production team will put together the visual elements that will support the marketing campaign as a whole. Our team will be working hand in hand with the client’s team during the pre-launch phase of the app and assist in making its entry into various web portals. The leads will be re marketed during the pre-launch phase and will be prompted to download the app on launch.

Our writers and editors will work with the influencers to release reviews on the application. The third step includes the setting up of event promotions and partnerships. During the launch of the app, we will be supporting the official release of the application. During this phase, we release our press release, start mobile advertising and create awareness through digital means.

Our App Marketing Services includes:


  • Android App Marketing

  • iPhone App Marketing

  • iPad App Marketing

  • Windows App Marketing

Invested in an app that doesn't convert to monetary returns? We can help you improve your Return On Investment (ROI) by marketing your app to the correct target audiance via various marketing channels.