The set of strategic methodologies that are made use of for the purpose of increasing online as well as e-commerce activities can be termed as Web Analytics. It is actually a study that shows the impact of a particular website on users. Various Web Analytics tools can be used for the purpose of understanding the user behaviour on a particular website.

Web Analytics Service at SearchMantra


When you are choosing web analytics services from SearchMantra, you will be able to understand how popular your website is, among the masses. You will be able to understand the reason why your site is not getting proper traffic.

With an Analytic tool, businesses will be able to analyze the number of unique visitors visiting the site with the set of keywords and how long they have been visiting the site. The time taken by visitors in the particular website too can be analyzed by the web analysts. Analysts will also be able to know whether a particular website is working the proper manner or not with the help of web analytics.

With the unique web analytics techniques used by the experts of SearchMantra, Site administrators and publishers will be provided with the data that can be made use of for the purpose of streamlining a particular website for the purpose of creating a much better user experience.

Web Analytics service can also provide important insights about your products and services like target audience, Geo location, browser & OS, most popular products etc. Its has unlimeted scope for business growth, contact us to learn more!